Hanze Walk of Fame

Hanze Walk of Fame

The Hanseatic cities were the cultural and economic center of Europe during the Middle Ages. For four hundred years, about 200 Hanseatic cities collaborated within an international alliance. Trade was largely conducted by sea with the first cargo ships of the Middle Ages, the Cogs. A fantastic piece of history that has brought great prosperity.



With this project, the collaborating partners aim to convey knowledge about the unique Hanseatic culture and the current value of the Hanseatic cities. We also want to bring the Hanseatic League's heyday to life with authentic and appealing stories and link these stories to today's entrepreneurial residents. We do this by associating the trading spirit of the residents with the visible qualities of the Hanseatic cities and their culture.

We created

The Hanze Walk of Fame


Hanze Walk of Fame

With the Hanze Walk of Fame application, we unlock the stories of the Hanseatic cities to educate tourists about the rich history. With audio and narratives, historical buildings in 3D, and augmented reality, famous residents take you along the traces of the rich Hanseatic past.

  • UX/UI Design
  • App development


A podwalk is an interactive walking tour that guides audiences through time and space. When taking the tour, visitors are captivated through audio that unfolds over time, triggered and unlocked at specific locations along your route. Whilst navigating the physical world.


Famous residents as personal tour guide

In the Hanseatic cities included in the app, visitors and tourists are guided by famous residents. As if they are your personal tour guide during your visit.

Outdoor map

Each podwalk features an interactive map, assisting visitors along their journey. Marking the location of each narrative along the trail. Content is triggered automatically with GPS and geofences for an immersive experience.

Augmented Reality

Along each trail, visitors are able to view historic buildings that no longer exist. In each podwalk, visitors will encounter a couple of augmented reality experiences enabling them to restore historic buildings to their original state and location. All through the camera of their smartphone.

Hanze coins

Collect the digital Hanze coins in each podwalk to receive a real Hanze coin at the tourist office in each city. This collaboration with local entrepreneurs invites visitors to exchange their Hanze coins for discounts or presents in restaurants, bars, and shops.


The Hanze Walk has proven to be of great value for both tourists and the cities. It’s a great new and innovative way to explore and learn about the rich histories of the Hanseatic cities. The collaboration with local entrepreneurs is a great success, driving traffic to local restaurants, bars, and shops.

De Hanze Walk of Fame is een mooi product, waarbij je de stad op een andere manier leert kennen. De interactieve wandeling past helemaal in deze tijd en is voor Visit Hattem een kans om een jongere doelgroep naar de stad te trekken.